The book has a practical approach to training. It examines the importance of training, methods of identifying training needs, how to plan for training, methods of delivery, and lastly presentation skills.
Statistics can be fun is a book that helps student to understand statistics.
The Tie That Binds focuses on the causes and implications of divorce, adultery and prostitution on family and social stability. It is assumed there is some relationship between the three.
Milestones of Life traces the human life from womb to tomb. It highlights the various challenges encountered along the way.
Happy thou married delves into marriage and family issues. Family matters are delicate and should be handled with meticulous attention
Anatomy of crime attempts to address the theories which attempt to explain crime commission, how societies in the older times dealt with crime, the modern ways of dealing with criminals and lastly the book gives detailed and pragmatic approach to crime prevention.
This book examines some of the more crucial aspects of leadership and training that are a concern of every organization irrespective of its vision and mission.
Education at Crossroads traces the educational challenges facing Kenya from colonial to post colonial times.
Financial success every family’s dream reminds you have to take responsibility for your behaviour, your expenditures and your actions and not forever supposing that society must forgive you because it’s “not your fault.”
Fundamentals of Social Research desires to make research simple to grasp and put it into practice. Fundamentals of Social Research try to marry statistics and research methods. Going through many research books this element is glaring missing.
Considering that the world is faced with major challenges both at individual, family and societal level counseling is going to play a pivotal role.
Effective time management is one of the greatest challenges facing our fast moving society, and especially our modern manager.
The suggestions in this book will help students take control of this nerve-wracking experience and transform it into the exciting memorable and joyful event that it should be.
Social Research Methods “A Complete Guide” delves more into the qualitative research, which is more of a forgotten method.
The Winning Family is a highly motivational book. What is expounded in Winning Family is timeless truths which will equip you with knowledge for filling your life with more joy, strength and purpose.
What happy couples know is the book you will wish you had read before saying “I do”. It answers questions you have nobody to ask or you are shy to ask.
The book"Strong in the Storm" is an outcome of many years of counselling sessions. The book delves into the intricate phenomenon of extramarital affairs.
Snapshot view of social research is your guide in carrying out research


Professor Mutea Rukwaru is an accomplished author of international reputation. He is an author of 20 bestselling books. He has written widely in the areas of research and family. He has wide knowledge in world of practice having been in the Department of Social Development for 33 years and also being in the world of academia, that is Universities and Kenya Schools of Government.

Some of the top selling books include: Anatomy of Crime , Financial Success Every Family’s Dream , Education at Crossroad , Training at its best , Milestones of life, Powerful proposal Power presentation, Retirement Dreams, Snapshot View of Social Research, Social Research Methods, Statistics can be Fun, Strong in the Storm, The Broken Promise, How to be a better Counselor, The winning family, The Tie that binds, Happy though married,Statistics can be fun, Fundamentals of social research, Limits of Medicine, What happy couples know and Successful time management.

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Professor Mutea Rukwaru has authored the following top selling books: Anatomy of Crime , Financial Success Every Family’s Dream , Education at Crossroad , Training at its best , Milestones of life, How to be a better Counselor, The winning family, The Tie that binds, Happy though married, Fundamentals of social research, What happy couples know ,Successful time management, Statistics can be fun, Powerful proposal, powerful presentation, Social research methods, A complete Guide, Strong in the storm and Snapshot view of Social Research.

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