Snapshot view of social research is your guide in carrying out research


This book aims to achieve the following objectives:
• Equip students with knowledge on the role of effective research.
• Introduce students to a range of methods applicable to research.
• Enable students to select appropriate and ethical-based methods research question.
• Enable students to understand the concept of a research proposal.
• Enable students to understand the rationale for writing a research proposal.
• To enable students understand the major components of a research proposal and final research report.
• To help students understand characteristics of a good research topic, a good title, and a good problem statement.
• To address common challenges experienced by students with regard to:
i) Unclear statement of the problem and failure to show research gaps.
ii) Poor explanation of theoretical framework through academic arguments.
iii) Lack of precision in presenting a logical conceptual framework by focusing on the interacting variables and moderating variables in some cases.
iv) Inconsistency in literature review not in tandem with the research objectives.
v) Unclear study design, methodology and methods of data analysis.
vi) Unsystematic and unconventional referencing style.
• To enhance ones knowledge of ethics in research.
• To understand basic concepts in research.
• To enhance one’s understanding of the differences between qualitative and quantitative type of research.
• To enhance one’s understanding of measurements.
• To prepare students for writing their proposal and final defense.
• To help students appreciate the importance of research methods in empirical world.

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