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Publishing The world of publication is becoming very dynamic in today’s world and with the element of today’s liberalization coming it is very important to give service to budding authors. Eureka publishers are ready to offer the following services. Authorship Editing Proofreading Printing Publishing Marketing Distribution Selling



Counseling Eureka Publishers offers counseling services in the areas of marriage, adolescence, death, drugs and other related issues. A number of books in our catalogue that can help in the field of counseling include: Milestones of Life, Happy though Married, The Tie That Binds, Winning Family and Anatomy of Crime. These books cover a range

Public Speaking


Public Speaking We have great motivational speakers who offer motivational talks in financial management, time management, stress- management, team, building, mentoring, coaching, role modeling, leadership, communication and others.



Research Research as a phenomenon is becoming very popular in today’s world. It is through serious investigation that you can be able to identify cases of a phenomenon and the mapping a strategy to solve the same. Interventions without data will be ridiculous and people will not take you seriously. The book Fundamentals of social