Limits of Medicine

Limits of Medicine is a book portraying the challenges of 21st century in the field of health delivery systems and specifically the challenges facing doctors in their everyday work. The book takes the reader through definition of medical sociology, definition of health, key concepts in medical sociology, theories on health, social constructionism of disease and illness, medical pluralism, history of medicine, medical ethics, the power of medicine, pathways to the doctor, fear of modern hospital, doctor-patient relationship, compliance with drug regimes and challenges facing the modern doctor in a fluid and fast changing world. The book identifies the challenges facing the modern doctor who has to operate in a very competitive environment where they have to co-exist with the faith healers and traditional healers. It is a relationship of suspicion, yet they have to serve the same clientele. The book portrays the challenges faced by the patient, the doctor and the society in general in service delivery in health. This book show some gaps which will help clinicians and patients to be able to have a healthy relationship. The relationship between the doctor and the patient is very complex and sometime it requires a multidisciplinary approach. The doctors might find this book useful for it contains some information they were not taught in medical schools. The book will not only improve the patient-doctor relationship but it will also improve their personal lives outside the clinic and hospital. To the patient it will empower them so that they are able to negotiate their needs with the health providers.

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