About Eureka Publishers

About Eureka publishers

Eureka publishers is a leading company in Kenya specializing in book publishing, consultancy and counseling. Eureka publishers has published the following top selling books: Anatomy of Crime , Financial Success Every Family’s Dream , Education at Crossroad , Training at its best , Milestones of life, How to be a better Counselor, The winning family, The Tie that binds, Happy though married, Fundamentals of social research, What happy couples know and Successful time management. Upcoming titles being published by Eureka publishers are: Limits of Medicine, Dreams of my Motherland, A Place to feel at Home and Statistics can be fun. The owner of Eureka Publisher is Mutea Rukwaru who is an accomplished author with extensive experience in Sociology, Counseling and Management. Mutea Rukwaru holds a Masters of Arts in Sociology (Counseling) and a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), Upper Second class honors.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge in the areas of family management consultancy and research beyond the 21st century

Our Vision

To be a leading light in the areas of family, management, consultancy and research through publications and public talks.